Twin Baby A and B - Preemie or Newborn Set

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Get ready to fall in love with these adorable Twin Baby A and Twin Baby B preemie or newborn sized long sleeve onesies.

These are the PERFECT coming home from the hospital outfits or for those very first photos!

The A and B are cleverly made to stand out within the BABY lettering by using a darker color. Gender neutral mint green means you're ready for any situation!

Ideally sized for preemie or newborn twins so that you can have something from home to dress them in if they have a hospital or NICU stay.

100% cotton Carter's brand one-pieces with fold over mitten cuffs. Decorated by Trends In Twos™ with our original prints!

Preemie size works for babies up to approximately 17in. and 6 lbs.
Newborn size works for babies up to approximately 21.5in. and 6-9 lbs.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review