Mom-To-Be of Twins Gift Basket/Survival Kit

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Our fabulous Mom-To-Be of Twins Gift Basket/Survival Kit will not only thrill, it will also be so helpful!  Inculded in this set is our Two Due Ultrasound Frame, Two Due Twin Pregnancy Journal, and a tasty bag of Preggo Pretzels

The new twin mommy will have everything she needs to get started on her journey through twin pregnancy!  The adorable 4"x6" frame will show off that first ultrasound image of her little pair.  With its magnetic back it looks great on the fridge or any magnetic surface.  The journal will let Mom track all of her appointments and thoughts during the earliest weeks all the way through birth of her darling twins.  And, with TWO on board, a little morning sickness is sure to, strike back with Preggo Pretzels, the 100% natural snack to help combat queasy tummies!

This colorful gift basket comes wrapped up in cellophane with a coordinating sassy hot pink ribbon. 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review