Free Shipping!

Yes!  We offer free standard shipping in the U.S.A. on most of our items!  No minimums!

Although we would love to ship EVERYTHING for free, we do have to add a shipping fee to some items due to size, weight, packaging or because they are shipping to another country.

All clothing always ships free to the U.S.A.!

Some larger items such as the Table for Two, Twin Nursing Pillows, etc. have an extra shipping charge for obvious reasons - They are large and/or heavy.

Imported items like the Twin Swim Floats have an added shipping fee because it is so costly for us to import them.

Certain photo frames, glass or ceramic items, large gift baskets, etc. may have an extra charge due to the special packaging required to insure there is no breakage/damage during the shipping process. 

You will ALWAYS be able to see what the shipping charges are for a particular item once the item is in your cart and you proceed through check out. 

We ship by weight to all other countries.

Questions?  Please contact us!