Daddy Of Twins Double Picture Frame With Poem

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Celebrate the unique life experience of being a Daddy of Twins! This frame is the perfect way to remind any Dad of twins just how special he is. Makes a great gift for new dads! 4x6 white double tabletop frame with a poem on one side and space for 4x6 horizontal photo on the other.

Poem Reads:
When you heard the news “It’s TWO!”, Oh, the thoughts of all to do. Lots of diapers, little sleep, Double strollers and schedules to keep. Amazing how a dad’s love grows, Double love is all you’ll know. Two on piggyback, two to swing. Tons of hugs and songs to sing. Two little smiles at morning light, Twice the kisses every night. A busy life most will say, But a Dad of Twins, loves life this way.©


(No reviews yet) Write a Review