Trends In Twos™ Creates the Ultimate Twins Clothing Line

Posted by Kellie Asaro - Owner and Founder of Trends In Twos™ on 5th Feb 2018

The Trends In Twos™ twins clothing line was started way back in 2007. It was really unique for its time and has been capturing the hearts of twins and their families for over a decade.

We started with just a few designs on sets of baby shirts and bodysuits, along with some maternity T-shirts. Then we expanded our sizing to include toddlers and kids as well as a growing variety of "twin-specific" designs and prints. We have outfits and gifts for twin boys, twin girls, one of each, and gender neutral.

Our initial thinking was humor. There are just so many silly expressions that can be used for, Monkey See and Monkey Do...or, Stunt Double, etc. And even some truly funny things for the parents-to-be! But over time our designs have expanded to all sorts of sayings and prints that encompass the many facets of having twin children. Not to mention, you can order most of our sets in two different sizes because not all twins measure the same!

We especially love some of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in our clothing line. It gives parents the choice to dress their twins the same, somewhat different, or totally different. We generally stick with a coordinated theme, but you will find that many of our prints come in different colors or have different sayings or artwork. Some are just totally the same. Your choice!

Our option to personalize some of our clothes with names and/or birth dates is another wonderful way to dress twins uniquely that also makes for an awesome gift at baby showers and birthday parties.

The newest part of our line includes pajamas and outfits for your twins that include bottoms and/or hats. These are a great choice for photos! We always recommend that you save your twins clothing that's used in memorable pictures to have as a keepsake later.

Don't forget our twin maternity tees. We have been selling these forever and they are such a fun way to announce that you're expecting two. Our Swarovski® crystal embellished maternity T-shirt is made on demand and has been a best seller ever since we opened!

Even though we now carry a ton of twin-specific products and gear, our clothing brand was the start of it all. Would you believe we still carry some of our original designs that are over 10 years old? As long as people with twins want them we will keep them in stock!

And remember, we love to hear from you, our awesome customers! Have a great idea for our twin clothing line? Let us know via our Contact Us page.