Top 3 Best Baby Gifts For Twins

Posted by Kellie Asaro on 15th Feb 2014

Our top 3 baby gifts for twins are pretty great (in our opinion!).  This is one of our specialties, after all.  Who wouldn't want to give something extra special to the family expecting TWO babies?  An average gift just won't do!  Well, we have narrowed it down through experience and we can assure you that giving one of these twin baby gifts will make you the star of the show!  Here are our picks right from our shop...

1. A Twin Baby Gift Basket

We offer a variety of unique gift baskets wrapped up to perfection for all genders of twins.  Whether it be two boys, two girls, or one of each, we have created some really spectacular options.  The clear cellophane wrap makes them extra fun because everyone can see what's in store and they display well (think twin baby shower center piece).  We use beautiful fabric ribbons and bows, so your gift will be oh so classy!

2. A Twin Gift Set

Unlike our baskets, these distinctive sets are usually wrapped in a box or an organza bag.  We have created many popular twin themes like, Two Peas In A Pod, and Monkey See/Monkey Do, etc.  We have also kept cost in mind, so you will find a wide price range.  From extravagant to economical, there is something to suit most anyone's budget.  You will love our attention to detail with the packaging, including fabric ribbon and cute custom labels.  These are all made specifically for twins and you just won't find them anywhere else!

3. A Personalized Twin Baby Gift

Everyone appreciates the extra thought that goes into something that's been personalized.  We love the idea for twins because it's such a great way to celebrate their individuality.  These types of items often become keepsakes because of their personal nature making them truly memorable.  We have clothing, bibs, and even plush toys that can be customized with names of each child.

We hope this has helped you on your quest for the best baby gifts for twins!