Shopping For Twins - Some Things to Consider

Posted by Kellie Asaro on 20th Nov 2015

When shopping for twins there are some things to consider. Whether it be clothing or gear, buying for a pair offers some unique choices. Once upon a time there weren't a lot of offerings to be found for twins, at least not specifically. Now, however, there's several options...If you know where to look.

The easiest way is to do a simple web search. For example, you might type in: "Twin Feeding Table", "Clothing for Twins", or "Shop for Twins". 

Searching the web is the best way to get started because many online vendors that cater to twins (ourselves included) only offer products online. This is because they can reach a much larger customer base for what would be considered "niche" items which are basically specialized segments of the market for particular types of products.

Once you get your search words down you will find that there are some great shopping sites that have been created just for twins and multiples!

Most web-based, niche retailers offer pretty decent pricing and many offer international shipping as well.

The Items You Want When Shopping For Twins:

Looking for twin baby carriers? Yup, they're available and we've got 'em! In a few different styles to boot! What a great concept for families who have twin babies and need the convenience of a carrier, but can’t go with the conventional type like a Baby Bjorn. 

Or, how about twin diaper bags? When you need to pack for two, a mass market diaper bag will likely be too small. Again, we stock diaper bags made specifically for twins that are generally much larger and will accommodate all that extra gear.

There are even helpful feeding items for twins, so you can juggle that double mealtime with a little more ease.

Of course, we don't want to leave out clothing! There are basically two camps on this particular subject: 

1) Parents who like to dress their twins alike or in funny onesies or tees that show off the twin factor.
2) Those who don’t. 

If you fall into the first camp then we have exactly what you're shopping for. It's always exciting to find out you're having twins and lots of parents want to show off or at least have fun with the clothing aspect, especially when they are babies and toddlers. This can lead to some pretty entertaining photo opportunities or just giggles from strangers. In any case, there are simply tons of options you can shop for online is this category.

We have covered a few of the basics when shopping for twins, but there's actually much,much more to be discovered. Browse around our shop or the web and you'll find everything from furniture and gifts to stuff for parents, grandparents and siblings of twins too!

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