Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Twins

6th Jun 2019

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? His iconic Thing 1 and Thing 2 are no exception. The mischievous duo are always causing some chaos and the fact that they are twins makes them especially fun. Of course fam … read more

Trends In Twos™ Creates the Ultimate Twins Clothing Line

Posted by Kellie Asaro - Owner and Founder of Trends In Twos™ on 5th Feb 2018

The Trends In Twos™ twins clothing line was started way back in 2007. It was really unique for its time and has been capturing the hearts of twins and their families for over a decade. We star … read more

Shopping For Twins - Some Things to Consider

Posted by Kellie Asaro on 20th Nov 2015

When shopping for twins there are some things to consider. Whether it be clothing or gear, buying for a pair offers some unique choices. Once upon a time there weren't a lot of offerings to be found … read more

Top 3 Best Baby Gifts For Twins

Posted by Kellie Asaro on 15th Feb 2014

Our top 3 baby gifts for twins are pretty great (in our opinion!).  This is one of our specialties, after all.  Who wouldn't want to give something extra special to the family expecting TWO … read more