Baby A & Baby B Twin Feeding Set

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Product Overview

The Baby A and Baby B Twin Feeding Set will make meal time a breeze!  It allows parents or caregivers of twins to feed both of them without the need for two separate bowls and spoons.  Sometimes feeding multiple children can become a juggling act with all of the necessary dishes and flatware.  With these feeding essentials you will save time between bites, fight spreading germs, and keep babies and toddlers content.  The double bowls and spoons are labeled with a distinct "A" and "B" so there won't be any confusion.  Cheery gender neutral yellow and green colors make it perfect for any combination of twins.  Affordable price makes it an economical solution. Dishwasher safe for added convenience!


*Due to the personal nature of this item it can not be returned once opened.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review