Milk Bands

milk-bands-brand.pngGive your nursing journal a rest! Throw away your safety pins and stickers! Quit juggling objects from wrist to wrist! Stop relying on imperfect memory when breastfeeding twins!

Milk Bands™ are uniquely designed nursing bracelets that enable moms of twins to quickly and conveniently identify which breast she last used to feed each baby by simply turning the corresponding bracelet inside-out.

Milk Bands™ breastfeeding bracelets have time measuring sliders that can be used for multiple purposes such as tracking how long each baby was fed or what time. Just assign each twin a color, so you can keep track individually with your bracelet pair.

Milk Bands™ work regardless of which wrist they are worn on (wear separately or both on the same wrist). They're so easy to use it only takes one hand! These bracelets work in the dark and can be worn during any and all activities because of their soft yet durable silicone material.

When the time comes, Milk Bands™ can also be used to help you wean your twins.

Raising twins can be exhausting...Let Milk Bands™ keep track of the basics so you can worry about more important things!

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